Ben Ward

Self portrait, on Flickr.

Ben Michael Ward is a software engineer and web developer from Cambridge, UK, currently working at Twitter in San Francisco.

I graduated in Computation at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and I've been doing things with the internet for over a decade. As well as writing software, I've served as an admin and maintainer at Periodically I also write for various online publications as well as here.

For a more thorough professional summary, see my curriculum vitæ.


While the internet is wonderfully decentralised, I'm usually identifiable with the handle benward, or sometimes bnwrd. I keep a a list of my profiles on various sites.

This site

This site is maintained and hosted by myself, with help from the excellent, lightweight Ruby CMS Jekyll. It's a stock install, with various hacks and additions. You can learn about how it works by looking at the source code on Github.


Inconveniently, there are other Ben Wards. Since my site tends to accrue better search engine rankings than others, here follows a handy list of other Ben Ward's I've stumbled upon that you may be looking for:

You may also be confused with Ben Werdmüller, the CEO and co-founder of Known, who goes by the alias benwerd on social networks. He's not me either.