Ben Ward

Self portrait, in the Great Smokey Mountains national park.

Ben Ward is a software engineer and product manager from Cambridge (UK), currently residing in San Francisco.

I graduated in Computation at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and I've been doing things with the internet for well over a decade. As well as writing software and building products, I present radio, and periodically I write, sometimes here.

For a more thorough professional summary, see my curriculum vitæ.


The internet is wonderfully decentralised, I'm usually identifiable with the handle benward, or sometimes bnwrd. I keep a a list of my profiles on various sites.

This site

This site is maintained and hosted by myself, with help from the excellent, lightweight Ruby CMS Jekyll. It's a stock install, with various hacks and additions. You can learn about how it works by looking at the source code on Github.


Inconveniently, there are others Bens Ward. Here follows a handy list of namesakes I've stumbled upon, whom you may be looking for instead:

You may also be confused with Ben Werdmüller, who goes by the alias benwerd. We know each other. He's not me either.