Ben Ward



Some time ago I picked up some new personal domains, and I’d somewhat dismissed the .me TLD, but as time goes on and the opportunity to claim seems distant, I’ve decided to switch over.

I spend a certain amount of time thinking about what makes a good URL, and the old set-up has a number of problems.

So, with my pair of .me domains in hand, I can gladly switch to a nice simple “” whenever someone needs it out loud, and confusion is forever gone. and are also siblings in the .me TLD, so when the latter is used for short URLs to the expanded, vowelled-up* version, the transformation will be smoother, too.

Of course, all the old domains work, hurtling you around the internets with 301 redirects. Apparently this means I won’t get destroyed by Google, too. We’ll see.

One other semantic change I made whilst doing all this tweaking, is to move this Scattered Mind blog onto, dropping this whole micro nonsense. It turns out that ‘microblogging’ is… blogging. And so, the domain is fixed. Again, will 301 redirect over to the new sub-domain, although it’s taking a little time for the DNS to update.

* Yes, I said ‘vowelled-up’. ‘vowelled-down’ is going to be my new way of describing Web 2.0 branding.

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