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iTunes Stats Meme


Fun stats time!

I shall play your meme game, because this is a really interesting game of stats. It is certainly flawed, since ratings and playcounts don’t penetrate my entire iTunes library right now (I did a library reset a few years ago), but, all the same:

Number of Songs
Number of Albums
1180, although allow for some incomplete albums, and also the fact that records that come with ‘bonus’ tracks get split into two, to make sure that playback ends where it's supposed to end. Let's guess at 900 complete albums.
Most Recently Played Song
“Fast Fuse” by Kasabia
Most Played Song
“Two Steps, Twice” by Foals (93 plays)
Most Played Song that maybe you haven’t heard
Quite likely the same song, but working further down the list: “Girl with One Eye” by Florence and the Machine
Most Recently Added Album
“45:33” by LCD Soundsystem. I've had this on vinyl for ages, mind you.
First Song Alphabetically:
“A” by Barenaked Ladies
Last Song Alphabetically
“Zuton Fever” by The Zutons (alas, the far more gorgeous “Zoom!” by Super Furry Animals got beaten out…)
Longest Title:
“The Black Hawk War, Or, How To Demolish An Entire Civilization And Still Feel Good About Yourself In The Morning, Or, We Apologize For The Inconvenience But You're Going To Have To Leave Now, Or…” by Sufjan Stevens. From his ‘Illinoise’ record, which offers up all of the top seven longest songs in my library.
Smallest Number In A Song Title
“Zero” by both Smashing Pumpkins and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Or, if you want to be specific about use of numerical characters, “#1#” by Animal Collective.
Largest Number In A Song Title:
“1,000,000” performed by REM
Shortest Song
“Yr Atal Genhedlaeth” by Gruff Rhys
Longest Song
“Megatroid Mixsound” by Diplo — a 42:57 mix of samples used by DJ Shadow. Technically, not a song, though. “The Man Don't Give a Fuck (Live)” by Super Furry Animals is 22:31, but that's a live performance. “My Father My King” by Mogwai, 20:13.
Shortest Song With A 5-Star Rating:
“Download” by Super Furry Animals (from Radiator, 3:19). Note that I am extremely stingy with 5-star ratings these days, trying to leave it free for really special items. Also, I'm out of the habit of using ratings.
Longest Song With A 5-Star Rating:
“Midnight Surprise” by Lightspeed Champion (9:56)
First Album Alphabetically
“A Kind of Magic” by Queen. Shit! “Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline” by Gomez beaten out by a record I've never played.
Last Album Alphabetically
“Yr Atal Genhedlaeth” by Gruff Rhys
First Album Numerically
“1” by The Beatles. Although, that's a compilation. Damien Rice's “9” is the first album-proper (followed by Blur's “13”)
Last Album Numerically
“1992–2002” - the Underworld compilation. Again, it's a compilation, and its a year not just any number. Next up is “100th Window” by Massive Attack.
First Five Songs That Pop Up On iTunes DJ:
  1. “Breaking Up” by Eskimo Joe
  2. “Ambition” by Doves
  3. “My Descent Into Madness” by Eels
  4. “In Bloom” by Nirvana
  5. “Citrus” by The Hold Steady
First songs I have never played

This is of course is influenced by resetting play counts a few years ago, but next up in my ‘Lost Songs’ play list:

  1. “Moral Kiosk” by REM
  2. “Maximum Overdrive” by Winnebago Deal (I sense that's going to get skipped…)
  3. “Lurgee” by Radiohead
  4. “Offend in Every Way” by The White Stripes
  5. “Benedictus” by Simon and Garfunkel


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