Ben Ward

File under: “Batshit insane analogies for current technology discussions.”


There are things that we can do in the air that we can’t do when our feet are rooted to the ground, we’ve tried skipping and it wasn’t good enough. Now, we’ve taken a running jump off a cliff, having knitted a parachute out of rope. Even though the rope wasn’t really designed for this, so long as we’ve bound it tight enough it will actually probably work well enough to glide and land. Of course, there are almost certainly a few loose holes that will make the descent a little scary at times, and if it’s wrong then whole contraption will unravel in the air and we’ll fall to our deaths.

Since we’re really good at knitting we will certainly survive, but when we do eventually land, we’ll still be left dragging a parachute that weighs a lot more than it should.

As our feet leave the ground and we look back at the solid ground we’ve left behind, we might wonder if it would had been adequate to use to the rope to abseil down the face instead.

I’m considering presenting all future tech commentary in this format.

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