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Your iTunes Plus music is currently up-to-date.

There’s nothing for you to upgrade. Check back often as iTunes Plus music is continually being added.

iTunes, having gone DRM-free yesterday, is now being a bitch. I want to upgrade my DRM-infected tracks to the new ones, but iTunes doesn’t seem to think I own any. The reason, I’m prepared to bet money on, is my account shifting between the UK and US.

This caused grief trying to reactivate my iPhone over Christmas — I had to move back to UK billing details, and then back to US details after activation. I reckon that when you move country in iTunes, it loses your purchase history. So, it doesn’t offer up the songs I bought from the UK iTunes store for upgrade, nor does it offer the song I bought in the US before I toggled it over to activate my iPhone.

Of course, the reason for moving the account rather than having two (benward-uk and benward-us) is firstly to keep the DRM purchases (and thus activation of those purchases) linked to the same account, and secondly because having two accounts for the same service is completely retarded.

Yet again, it seems that iTunes test cases are coming up short.

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