Ben Ward

Wordpress 2.7 Writing UI


Wordpress has undergone a number of admin interface overhauls lately. 2.6 changed things around a bit, and 2.7 purports to do so even more, but if I’m honest, whilst most of the visual change is fairly pleasing (if rather grey and bland), I think this screenshot of the ‘New Post’ interface hits at the heart of the remaining problem.

The most import part of blogging is the content, and yet in Wordpress, the content has been crushed into a tiny little box in the centre of the screen. More screen space has been given to metadata (tags, categories) than to the blog post itself.

It’s cluttered, and messy. I think it needs pushing back into a single column, title and post content at the top, everything else can tessellate underneath as makes sense.

Software inevitably evolves toward complexity as features are added, and it’s hard to balance. Wordpress 2.7 could use another look.

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