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One potential issue is that developers may create applications for the Android operating system at a higher resolution and screen size than the Agora provides in its current form.

Ruslan Kogan, via Gizmodo

This seems like a strange problem to have. Android, by its open nature is full of variance. Different screen sizes, different touch capabilities, differences all over. It’s surely a challenge of the platform that application developers need to build flexible apps.

Of course, it’s something that iPhone developers can ignore, since iPhone OS2 runs only at one prescribed resolution, but you pick your platform and you make your choice.

I’d have thought it should be for the Android ecosystem to cope, not handsets to be scrapped at the last minute. That Android has these kinds of problems already, with only one handset actually released to market, does not inspire me.

The iPhone and its developers will, of course, have to handle higher resolutions in time; iPhone screens won’t be 480×320 forever. It will be interesting to see what Apple does in regard to backward compatibility when it happens. But, assuming OS3 is going to another update available to existing hardware, it’s unlikely to be a consideration until iPhone OS4 at the very earliest.

Palm are rumoured to be putting the new WebOS on multiple handsets, too. Their solution will also be interesting.

One would hope that a situation where apps are compiled and released in multiple varied forms for different handset specifications should be avoidable by now. Heck, my desktop OS does all right.

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