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It’s amazing. In the world’s most innovative, forward-thinking nation one stupid book has regressed women by centuries. What they fail to realise - and this goes as much for Paltrow as The Rules’s authors - is that the sexual revolution changed men as well as women. The feminists who tried to create a balance within relationships should spit in disgust at US dating behaviour and British men and women should be cheered for admitting that dating is meant to end in sex. If you don’t fancy the outcome with your date, be honest enough not to let him buy you dinner.

Robert Kelsey in What’s up with US women? published in The Guardian.

It’s very difficult to explain to an American the British culture of ‘what the fuck is dating?’ without coming across like a nation of Neanderthals dragging our knuckles along the streets seeking meaningless, loveless sex for the minimum of social input.

While such people can thrive in the wrong parts of Sheffield, there is thankfully rather more to us than that; certainly more than some ridiculous book of ‘rules’.

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