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I didn’t realise phones were churning that quickly in the marketplace these days

Hugh Griffiths

In ‘Microsoft defends return to DRM’, Microsoft UK is put on the spot for launching a DRM-based music service when everyone is moving away from DRM. The above quote sums up perhaps how desperately out of touch the whole operation is, but there are other choice gems you should read:

At the moment, to be honest with you, we don’t have the functionality in-house to provide a mechanism for transferring between mobile phones and PC. We don’t have that functionality available.

And in reply to What do you offer that none of your competitors do?:

So there’s a whole bunch of people who are using MSN on their mobile phone for a whole variety of reasons. And we’re saying to them, if you want to download music, it’s available here. If you don’t, that’s fine.

Somehow, I suspect that this service won’t last. Via:

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