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I always assumed that our work and integrity would speak for itself.

Michael Arrington

When your work speaks as trolling linkbait, underpinned by ad hominem attacks and vendetta against individuals and livelihoods, anti-Europeanism verging on xenophobia; when integrity means excepting special friends and offers of exclusivity from your morally bankrupt embargo boycott; when you act like you’re more important than the actual world-changing products you write about, suddenly it seems quite logical that someone would want to spit in your face.

Of course, the death threat stuff Michael faces is as sick as it ever could be. That he faces that sort of stuff is horrific and wrong, and it’s terribly sad to see him post about it. But, in turning it into yet another self-promotional episode, it most certainly is not a ‘get out of jail free’ for being such an egotistical cock in the first place. He has my greatest sympathy that he has to deal with some of the world’s dangerous crazies, he has no sympathy for being judged fairly for his work and detested by right-thinking people.

For extra-thorough clarity, I don’t actually advocate actually spitting in anyone’s actual face. It’s simply one of the highest forms of disrespect you can write eloquently; don’t actually do it you sick fuck. (This disclaimer also applies to last week’s comments on Owen Thomas). Via: TechCrunch.

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