Ben Ward

WordPress dilemma/switch


This blog, as some may have noted, runs not off the insanely popular Wordpress blogging engine, but a piece of software called b2Evolution.

I just wrote a lengthy piece discussing the pros and cons of both pieces of software, based on how I use it. It was going to end with an open dilemma about whether to switch my Blog over to Wordpress or not, but in the course of writing it I convinced myself that I should, so there was no longer any dilemma to pose… Good eh?

I actually installed mySQL on my PC back in Bracknell last week, so I’ll be able to have a crack at doing a data conversion later in the week. Critically, it all rests of whether my “Side Links” sub-blog can comfortably fit into the WordPress “Links” feature. It probably can, so switch I probably will.

The main reasons for choosing to try and switch are as follows:

That’ll do.

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